Red Dawn is now on Netflix

“Red Dawn” is a remake of the 1984 version, both movies follow a group of teenagers who band together to take on forces invading their town, the only significant difference between the two versions is the one from 1984 has invading Soviet forces, whereas the new version has invading North Korean forces.

I enjoyed this movie, especially because it kept me on the edge of my seat and I did not fall asleep. One part I really enjoyed was how well the actors played off each other to make everything believable. Chris Hemsworth, who played Jed Eckert, and Josh Peck, who played Matt Eckert, did a particularly convincing job. They play brothers who had not seen much of each other because Jed left to join the Marines and his younger brother, Matt, does not like that Jed left when he needed him the most.

In a scene when they are in hiding, Matt leaves his post and Jed becomes upset with him. Matt begins to lay into Jed about what has been eating at him all those years. Even in the movie’s most serious moments, they still have time to laugh.

This is evident in a scene where they have one of their members shoot a deer for food. They have him drink some of the deer’s blood, telling him it’s tradition after hunting and killing your first animal. It turned out to be a very lighthearted moment in a movie that is all about action and drama.

I also appreciate the special effects in “Red Dawn” because they made the explosions to look very realistic. In some movies, explosions can look fake, in this movie when something explodes it looks real. It makes you believe you are there in the moment instead of feeling like you are watching a movie.

The only thing I didn’t like about “Red Dawn” is the ending. Toward the end, they show Matt talking to a larger group of people and telling them to take the fight to the enemy like his brother did. They storm the makeshift prison and raise an American flag and then the movie ends. I would have preferred to have seen them driving the force out of their town and making them retreat instead.

I gave “Red Dawn” a 3.5 out of 5 stars because there was no real ending to the movie and I was left wanting more. This movie is still a must-watch though.

You can find it on Netflix, if you liked this movie, you might also enjoy “A Good Day to Diehard,” “The Last Stand” and “Fast and the Furious 6.”