Friend Fatima: Mistreatment by Athletic Staff

If you would like Fatima’s advice, visit to send it anonymously. Look for this column every week for your answer or go online to to find your answer.

If you would like Fatima’s advice, visit to send it anonymously, or email it to [email protected]. Look for this column every week for your anwser or go online to to find your anwser there.

Q: Should I expose the treatment that the Washburn Athletics Staff has done to me surrounding my status and eligibility of being able to participate in a certain sport? I was essentially lied to and never told the whole truth and questions never answered or refused to answer without any reason.

A: Without knowing the full details of what exactly happened or what they did to you makes it hard to give an honest, fair suggestion as to what you should do. I understand your frustration, and being wronged is not something you can just deal with. But you need to ask yourself will it be worth it to expose something that could potentially hurt them so you can feel better? Don’t get me wrong: I’m all about people getting what they deserve but should that be up to us to decide when or how? 

Karma works in mysterious ways and often in our favor. But the best part about karma is that we don’t actually inflict it on the person, which is a much better feeling considering that the world agrees with you. 

Again, I don’t know your situation but I imagine at one point in time you had a sense of respect for them considering your thoughts to participate in a sport or you were a part of a sport. That being said, you do owe them respect of privacy, even though they might not have returned the favor. 

Now, if it was something that is very detrimental to your mindset, then I would recommend seeking some counseling help, such as a close friend, family member or an actual counselor. Because living with regret or the “what if?” question is something that will affect you in more ways than you can handle. 

On the other hand, if they wronged you in a serious or discriminatory way, then yes, you do need to go to a higher authority to report it. If you do that, it should be for the sense of equality so you are being treated like every other athlete and to prevent it from happening to future athletes. Not just for the sake of exposing them to give them a bad rep. 

Regardless of what you decide to do, only you can decide what’s right. Just remember to ask yourself, “can I live with this decision?” As long as you are doing what you feel is right, nothing else should matter. Everything happens for a reason but how you decide to take it is on you. Maybe it wasn’t meant for you to be a part of Washburn athletics or maybe this happened so you could help prevent it from happening again. 

Either way you look at it, life has a plan for us. What you choose to take and give out of it is up to you. I encourage you to move past whatever happened but I understand that is easier said than done. Just trust yourself and do what you feel is right. That’s all anyone can ever ask themselves.