Mabee Library offers tablet checkout

If you are in need of a portable device to use for homework or projects, the Mabee Library has laptops and iPads available for check out. 

The laptops are available to rent 24 hours in the library, and there aren’t any penalties if you run over the time. However, the laptops cannot leave the building. The iPads can leave the building and can be used by faculty, professors and student organizations hosting an event.

“There is a two-hour max time, but you can always ask for more time,” said Cal Melick, a public services librarian.

The Friends of the Mabee Library purchased the iPads. The iPads are not like books, where one can come in and check out without reason, but can be checked out for a specific purpose, such as a class project. There are over 100 available.

Check-out time for the iPads is also different compared to books and laptop. A student can check out an iPad for weeks at a time if needed and would require an iCard to checkout a device.

“It is not a rental. There is not a deposit to be placed before check out,” said Sean Bird. “You have to be a Washburn student to check out laptops and iPads.” 

Because Washburn University has over 7,000 students and there are only a little over 100 iPads available, reasoning and time is important. If an iPad is available, it can be checked out.

Even students that are studying abroad or are gone for the holidays can check out an iPad for the period they will be gone.

The laptops are available to be checked out in the library, and will be replaced with new ones in the future. There is not a lot of demand for laptops in Mabee, but for students who need one to work on, they are available alongside the desktops in the library.