Easter Bunny seen on Washburn campus

Gathering eggs in baskets at the Washburn Easter Egg Hunt.​

The weather was accommodating for a crowd of an estimated 500 people that gathered on the lawn in front of Washburn University’s Memorial Union building for the annual Washburn Easter Egg Hunt April 19.

Parents cheered on their children while they hunted eggs competitively for a chance to win prizes made available by the sponsor of the day’s event, the Washburn University Campus Activities Board. The competitors were separated into five age groups, ages 1-2, ages 3-4, ages 5-6, ages 7-8, and ages 9-10 competing on a rotation that allows for two hunts per age group.

The children lined up and followed instructions on how to stretch from the Easter Bunny, played by the CAB’s Margeaux Seymour, while other members of CAB broadcast hundreds of eggs across the lawn. Upon instruction the children were off and running, gathering as many eggs as possible with the hopes of finding one of the two golden tickets. The golden ticket was the key ingredient necessary to win a prize.

“This is a great way for Washburn to reach out to the community,” said Chance Barrow, Director of Management and Recruitment for campus activities board. “This is one of our most popular events.”

According to Barrow, while the free event is extremely popular with the public, for the past several years rain and undesirable weather put a damper on things. The turnout for this day’s event was the best in years.

The Campus Activities Board started preparing for the event a week ahead of time, stuffing literally thousands of eggs for the event. The prizes were purchased with funds allocated to the Campus Activities Board. Prizes included books, movies, and candy for the young competitors.

 “We have so many bins of eggs it’s ridiculous,” said Chance Barrow.

Washburn Public Relations assisted the group in their efforts to reach out to the community. According to Damion Barron social media also played an important part in marketing the event. The group used Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as an additional means of notifying the public. An individual that “likes” the Campus Activities Board page will receive notifications about sponsored events.

 “A post on social media has the ability to reach up to ten thousand people,” said Barron.

Children kept the Easter Bunny, Margeaux Seymour, busy as parents took the opportunity to have their children’s photos taken with the holiday character. She volunteered to play the role in the day’s event. CAB members agreed that she was a great sport and had taken on the role quite well.

“The kids are a lot of fun,” said Seymour. “I’ve taken a lot of pictures and got a lot of high fives.”