Taco Bell rolls out new breakfast choices

Taco Bell recently unveiled a new breakfast menu in an effort to ramp up its competition against other fast food chains that already serve breakfast. Given its reputation for providing an alternative type of food to hamburgers and fries, Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu is sure to provide its guests with a different eating experience.

Upon entering Taco Bell at 9 a.m., I was met not with the smell of cheap, fried, questionable taco meat, but with the sweet aroma of a cinnamon roll. Cinnabon partnered up with Taco Bell to provide their Cinnabon delights breakfast item. These golden mini-balls of delight are lightly coated with sweet cinnamon sugar and contain a fluffy texture to them.

The biggest surprise comes in the first bite. A gooey Cinnabon frosting drizzles out of them. This breakfast item is the sweetest of new treats from Taco Bell. The Cinnabon delights are my favorite part of the menu. I appreciated the sugary rush packed into tiny little balls.

The crunchwrap is another breakfast item that is sure to catch the attention of its early bird customers. The wrap takes a new spin on the traditional burrito and flattens the flour tortilla for a new portable experience. What will make it so popular is that it provides the best bite for the buck.

The crunchwrap will leave no bite unsatisfied. With the option of either steak or sausage, the wrap is stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, a crispy hash brown and a creamy jalapeno sauce.

This breakfast item is sure to become a breakfast classic for Taco Bell. A good combination for the crunch is either the new Tropicana orange juice or one of its newer soda flavors like Sangria Blast or the Mountain Dew Kickstart.

The waffle taco is one of the more anticipated breakfast items for Taco Bell. It is a waffle layered with either sausage or bacon, accompanied with scrambled eggs, cheese and a side of syrup. While novel, the waffle taco was actually my least favorite breakfast item.

The balance of sweet and salty was inconsistent. The waffle could have been softer and the eggs could have been less bland.

Overall, the menu was a good experience. The breakfast menu is a double threat to other breakfast establishments. It introduces new eating delights and does it on a college budget.

Taco Bell’s breakfast food is available from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.