Class rules ‘God’s Not Dead’

Lauren Doherty gives her review of this new movie.

A college freshman stands up for his faith despite harsh response from a professor in the movie “God’s Not Dead.”The main character Josh Wheaton played by Shane Happer, who appeared on Disney Channel’s ‘Good luck Charlie,’ is given three class times to change the class’s opinion about whether God is dead or not.

The professor makes it clear that he will do everything in his power to stop Josh from succeeding and passing the class. Josh takes a big risk of losing his chance to go to law school by taking the professor’s challenge. His parents and even his girlfriend doesn’t support him in taking the challenge.

Throughout the movie viewers see the struggle that Josh goes through in fighting for his faith. The audience also gets to see other trials that people of the same faith go through and the pain that comes with it.

When one lady is diagnosed with cancer, she discovers that her rich boyfriend doesn’t care. Another woman deals with an abusive relationship. While another college student hides her faith from her Muslim father.The suspense builds as it appears Josh is losing the battle and other characters are facing life decisions that could lead to a bad ending.

I really enjoyed the movie because it not only brought to light cases going on today about students fighting for their faith on campus, but the lessons that come with each character.There were times when the film gets very emotional as characters try to deal with tough problems. I recommend bringing tissues.

There are a several exciting people to see in the film like the Christian band Newsboys and William Robertson from the popular show “Duck Dynasty.”

Viewers are welcome to part take in a simple activity while at the movie, texting. The audience is encouraged to text ‘God’s Not Dead’ to three people. How many other movies have done that? I think this movie is a ‘must see.’

To watch a preview of this movie go to YouTube’s GodsNotDeadTheMovie.