First new student orientation brings in 250 students

Washburn University doesn’t wait around after graduation. Instead, WU jumps right into its first new student orientation only two days after commencement.

The new students accompanied with their parents or relatives arrived at 8 a.m. in the Memorial Union May 19 to check-in. They were welcomed shortly after in the Washburn A/B room. Incoming freshman were toured around the union attending different sessions such as Bonner Leader Program, Greek Life, Leadership Institute, Residential Living and many others to learn about the different programs and opportunities at Washburn until 10 a.m.

Students traveled to the Bradbury Thompson Center with their student orientation counselors. SOCs performed skits for the incoming freshman and gathered to talk and ask questions. Parents received some academic advising information in the Washburn A/B room from academic advising while students were with their SOCs.

“I enjoyed getting to meet all the new students and getting to be the one to introduce them to Washburn,” said Camille Cortez, sophomore SOC.

The financial aid office briefly went over some basic financing stuff before students and guests were ready for lunch. Lunch consisted of a salad bar and macaroni and cheese and gave the new students and guests time to relax before starting up again.

Students started with financial literacy and then a general education session. Then students went to Henderson 100 to enroll in their classes for the fall while parents and guests stayed in Washburn A/B. New students ended their day being able to wander around the campus resource fair and having residential living tours before checking out.

“We have had a really good turnout,” said Mckinlaye Harkavy, director of new student orientation. “As with every program my wheels start thinking about how could this be better, how can that me better.”

Harkavy just started her position three months ago. So far she is keeping the new student orientation day as the same routine as previous years in order to see it.

“I’m doing a lot of observing,” said Harkavy. “I’m not leading a lot of discussions. We have added a small student panel to one of the parent/guest program pieces, but mostly everything is the same.”

Even though orientation is the same as past years, new students are still enjoying the experience.

“Getting to meet the student orientation counselors because they bring a lot of experience to the table and they give you input on what it is going to be like,” said Lainey Rochester, incoming freshman radiologic technology major. “It was really helpful.”