‘Heaven is for Real’ movie review

The movie ‘Heaven is for Real’ is about the experience of four-year-old Colton Burpo visiting Heaven, the story is told by the father.

Burpo, played by Connor Corum, was in emergency surgery due to a burst appendix where he said he saw Jesus. Next thing he knew the angels were singing to him so he would not be scared. He learned a lot in Heaven despite only being there for three minutes. It wasn’t until six months later that his parents started listening to Colton about his visit.

Colton talked about things that he had yet to learn from his parents such as the fact that he had two sisters, one baby had died previously in his mother’s tummy. He also meets his dad’s grandfather named Pop. Pop had been a positive influence on Colton’s father, who is played by actor Greg Kinnear.

During his visit Colton said he was with Jesus most of the time who taught him to not be afraid.

The movie follows a Nebraska family prior to, during and after the event so to give the audience an idea as to how things in the family were before and how the experience changed them.

Mr. Burpo (the father) is a pastor at the local church who struggles with debt due to medical bills and struggles with how to process this journey his son says he had.

Viewers watch this man struggle to understand what his son went through while trying to be a leader in his community. The church, however, is concerned whether he can lead or not.

There were some emotional moments such as the moment when Colton is rushed into the emergency room while his mother asks for prayer. Later, Colton shared with his parents that while he was in Heaven he could see them in separate rooms having different conversations with God. His dad, a pastor, had been yelling at God out of fear for seeing death looming in the eyes of his son.

I recommend the book over the movie because the book goes into more detail. The movie never did mention how people get to heaven, accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior is the only way to heaven, which is a big part of their faith. The book includes this aspect of their beliefs. Colton also has shared his belief in a recent interview on Fox News.

Like the movie the book had some funny parts that people can enjoy. The book does go into more depth about the experience in Heaven and the father’s thought process.

If you are looking for a movie to just relax ‘Heaven is for Real’ is a good pick.

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