‘22 Jump Street’ goes to college

“22 Jump Street” was the most seen movie during its opening weekend June 13. This movie brought in $57 million during the first weekend

I went to this movie with a little hesitation because I haven’t seen the first movie “21 Jump Street.” I was nervous that I wouldn’t understand what was going on or would miss a lot of references to the original movie. However, I was able to follow along with the film pretty well.

This film focuses on officers Schimdt, played by Jonah Hill, and Jenko, played by Channing Tatum and their next assignment after 21 Jump Street. This assignment requires the two to go to college undercover in order to find the source of drug activity that has killed a woman. This drug is new and both officers have to figure out who the dealer is and stop it from killing other students. However, during their investigation, Schimdt and Jenko, who are always in sync, drift apart with their new identities.

As a movie fan, I don’t really enjoy movies that are made on the purpose of dumb humor. However, I did find myself laughing throughout the movie. It is a comedy with lots of action, but there were a few scenes that I didn’t enjoy. I didn’t enjoy the scene where the dealer and Schimdt were fighting. It was a very pointless scene and if you see the movie you could understand why. That whole scene was weird and was a sad attempt to make people laugh.

I also didn’t enjoy the scene where one of the two officers gets shot. I mainly didn’t enjoy this because it wasn’t realistic enough. I was disappointed in the lack of blood and the continual usage of the arm after it had a bullet in it.

Overall, it was a humorous movie that will keep those 17 years of age and older laughing throughout the movie. My favorite scene is was probably the most laughable part of the whole movie. In fact, the scene itself is about Jenko laughing at a funny situation. I will not go into detail to spoil it or give away the hilariousness.

The movie does have the potential to set itself up for another movie. So those of you who really enjoy it can continue to watch the story go on and on. This story gets a 4 out of 5 stars from me.